Background Information

The racial dot map is produced by the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service. It is based on code developed by former Center staff member Dustin A. Cable who developed his code based on a foundation of programming code created by Brandon Martin-Anderson and Peter Richardson at MIT, who posted their code on GitHub. Our improvements to and elaborations on the code (to more accurately locate the dots at a level of greater precision and to identify them by race and ethnicity) are also posted on GitHub. Maps produced and posted by the Weldon Cooper Center on this site are made available for free for research, teaching, scholarship, publications (including books and articles distributed in print or digitally), and other uses to promote the public good, but not for commercial use.

User Responsibilities and Code Availability

Any use of racial dot map images or code is subject to the user’s agreement to indemnify and hold harmless the University of Virginia, its officers, employees and agents from and against all suits, claims, actions and expenses. By your use of these materials, you agree to these responsibilities, including the noted legal protections of the University of Virginia. It is the sole responsibility of the user of racial dot map images and code to investigate associated terms of use from Google Maps, Stamen Design, GitHub, and, when applicable, the Stanford Election Atlas, and to seek and obtain permission where needed prior to any distribution or publication. Reference data for the map is provided by Stamen Design and should be cited: Map data by OpenStreetMap, under CC-BY-SA. Google Maps API provides the online map interface. As such, map users are agreeing to be bound by terms of use from Google: The entire code to create the map is posted on GitHub and subject to GitHub terms of use:


The University of Virginia must always be cited when images posted here are published or otherwise distributed. The citation should read:

Image Copyright, 2013, Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service, Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia (Dustin A. Cable, creator)


No personal location information is collected through this map or its interfaces with Google Maps, Stamen Design, GitHub, or the Stanford Election Atlas. The Google Maps API privacy policy is available here: