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This is the new ‘giant sucking sound’ you hear. It’s changing the economy and disrupting politics.
“A fascinating new analysis from the Demographics Research Group at the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service in the University of Virginia quantifies a stunning demographic and economic transformation of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas over the past quarter century.” – 10/24/2017

Rural millennials buck their generation’s trends
The Roanoke Times
“’You can only grow two ways: One is having more people move in than out. The other is having more births than deaths. And if you’ve lost one of those engines, you’re really reliant on migration, which is a lot less reliable,’” said Weldon Cooper Center demographer Hamilton Lombard.” – 08/05/2017

Virginia’s senior population could nearly double by 2030
The Virginian Pilot
“This growing group of aging Virginians could account for more than half the state’s total population growth, according to recent forecasts from the University of Virginia.” – 07/14/17

Population loss in Virginia’s coalfields region projected to continue for decades
The Roanoke Times
“Shonel Sen, a research and policy analyst with the Weldon Cooper Center, characterized the population decline as a combination of people leaving the coalfields, lower birth rates and an aging population.” – 06/27/17

Stafford expected to lead region in growth over next two decades
Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star
“Nearly 209,000 residents are expected to live there by 2040, which would make Stafford the state’s 12th largest locality, according to state-funded data released this week by U.Va.’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service.” – 06/27/17

Chesapeake will become Virginia’s second-largest city by 2020
The Virginian Pilot
“The commonwealth ‘should begin preparing for the increased level of health care and support services that this growing population of seniors will require,’” Shonel Sen, lead researcher, said in a news release. – 06/26/17

Illegal Voting in Virginia? Yes. Massive? Doubtful.
Henrico Citizen
“I could find no instance where voter registration in a locality exceeded that locality’s adult population,” Crespin said. – 05/20/17