What Is The Demographics Research Group?

The Demographics Research Group conducts practical and policy-oriented analysis of census and demographic data; and communicates rigorous research and its policy implications to decision makers and the general public through meaningful publications and presentations.

Population Data

Access the official Virginia population projections and estimates and our national population projections. 

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Demographic Analysis

Explore trends in population, regional distribution, politics, school enrollment, and migration. 

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Data Visualization

Understand the changing human landscape in Virginia and nationally through powerful data visualizations.

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Demographics Research Group Staff

Number of kids in Virginia public schools is down for the first time since the 1980s

"The enrollment drop is ever so slight...but 'It is one we’ve been expecting,' said Hamilton Lombard, a researcher at UVA’s Weldon Cooper Center, which sets the state’s official population estimates each year. 'It just happened a little sooner than we expected.'” Read Lombard's article, Virginia's school enrollment declined in 2018 for the first time in decades.

Demography reveals the true state of the Commonwealth

"If you want to really understand the State of the Commonwealth, we refer you to the latest population estimates from the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at the University of Virginia. They paint a much truer picture of what’s really happening..."

Virginia's Unemployment Numbers Show More Women Are Out of Work Than Men

“'Six out of 10 individuals who are out of work in Virginia are women.' That’s Shonel Sen at the University of Virginia’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service.” Read Sen's article, Gender differences in Virginia's out-of-work population.

America Needs a Bigger House

The New York Times refers readers to the Cooper Center StatChat blog to find the answer to this question that they pose in their article: "What is the optimal number of House seats?"

A Look At Life Expectancy in Virginia

"Women in Virginia are more than twice as likely to reach the age of 85 than men. That’s according to Kathryn Crespin at the University of Virginia, who says women are twice as likely to face disability in old age and three times as likely to face Alzheimer’s." Read Crespin's article, Five implications of the life expectancy gap between Virginia's men and women.