At A Glance

The Demographics Research Group produces the official annual population estimates for Virginia and its localities; conducts practical and policy-oriented analysis of census and demographic data under contract; and communicates rigorous research and its policy implications to clients including state and local governments, employers, non-profit organizations, and the general public, through meaningful, intuitive publications, and presentations.

We Can Help with Your Project

Our professionals conduct custom-designed research and provide consulting services under contract for a wide variety of clients. Working in close communication with you, our group will develop a scope of work and an estimated cost to complete the project. Our researchers have advanced proficiency in:

  • formulating clear research questions that direct study toward strategic and actionable data
  • statistical analysis of data sets of all sizes and types
  • producing clear results and recommendations
  • preparing and presenting accessible, easy-to-grasp data visualizations and reports
  • working with governments at the state, local, and federal levels
  • serving the needs of private companies and non-profit agencies and organization to understand and meet the needs of clients and customers

If you have a project request for us please contact us with your inquiry.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Keenly aware of population growth and its impact on the earth’s natural resources, the Demographics Research Group demonstrates its commitment to sustainable living through green workplace practices that promote respect and care for the environment and community.

In 2015, the Demographics Research Group achieved gold certification through the University of Virginia’s Green Workplace Program by making a variety of changes to our day-to-day practices at work. For example, to reduce energy usage, we have adjusted computer and printer settings, and to encourage our group to be more thoughtful about material consumption, we removed trash bins from our offices, maintain a compost container for food scraps, and design office events to be zero waste. In order to demonstrate our commitment to the environment to the broader University community, we have also adopted a sustainability vision statement, completed UVa’s sustainable literacy training, and actively participate in UVa’s Sustainability Partners program.

First Name Last Name Job Title Email Phone
Qian Cai Director qian.cai@virginia.edu 434-982-5581
Kathryn Crespin Research & Policy Analyst kep9k@virginia.edu 434-982-5582
Hamilton Lombard Research & Policy Analyst hamilton.lombard@virginia.edu 434-982-5698
Amy Muldoon Project Manager ajm6u@virginia.edu 434-982-0812
Shonel Sen Research & Policy Analyst ss4xr@virginia.edu 434-982-5861