We believe in the importance of serving the public with high quality, credible data and information. We strive to communicate effectively our rigorous research and make it relevant, meaningful, and accessible.

The Demographics Research Group consists of four highly-experienced and dedicated professionals who

  • Produce the official population estimates and projections for the Commonwealth
  • Develop the national population projections for 50 states
  • Write and publish easy-to-understand articles on important demographic topics to inform and educate the public
  • Provide consulting services and conduct contract projects for clients in government, business, and non-profit; we respond frequently to a wide range of data questions and media inquiries at national, state, and local levels
  • Mentor and train students, helping improve their technical and communication skills.

Please feel free to contact any of us with your data needs. Let’s work together.


Demographics Research Group Staff

Please note that we are working remotely, so emailing us is the best way to ensure a timely response.

Name Email Job Title Phone
Amy Muldoon amy.muldoon@virginia.edu Project Manager
Hamilton Lombard hl2qs@virginia.edu Estimates Program Manager (434) 982-5698
Qian Cai qian.cai@virginia.edu Director (434) 982-5581
Shonel Sen shonel.sen@virginia.edu Projections Program Manager (434) 982-5861
Sol Baik avv5zh@virginia.edu Senior Researcher
Zach Jackson ten2se@virginia.edu Research & Policy Analyst