The 2018-2020 biennial budget allocated funds for a fresh round of official statewide population projections to be developed by the Demographics Research Group at the UVA Weldon Cooper Center.

The citation for the Virginia Projections should read, University of Virginia Weldon Cooper Center, Demographics Research Group. (2019). Virginia Population Projections. Retrieved from https://demographics.coopercenter.org/virginia-population-projections


Virginia population projections release schedule:

  • New round of 2030-2050 total population projections, benchmarked on the 2020 census | by July 1, 2022
  • Detailed projections by age and gender | 6 months after the Census Bureau releases the 2020 census age and gender data (at this time, the census data release date is tentatively set for May, 2023)



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Shonel Sen: email or call 434.982.5861 with questions or comments regarding Virginia population projections.