The Demographics Research Group at the Weldon Cooper Center is recognized throughout Virginia as the definitive source for population data, for analyzing that data, and for identifying the impact of population trends on state and local governments.

Beginning in 2023, this group will produce the first round of state-funded school enrollment projections for all school divisions in Virginia. 

This group also produces the official annual state school-age population estimates, by which a portion of the state sales and use tax is allocated to localities.

NEW: School Enrollment Projections for ALL Virginia School Divisions

The Weldon Cooper Center was awarded state funding to produce five-year school enrollment projections for every school division in the Commonwealth. Prior to this, there was no centralized statewide production or delivery of this data, despite it being critical to school boards’ annual planning. School enrollment projections help school leadership anticipate upcoming need for classrooms, teachers, and materials, and influences capital construction, school district alignment, bus routes, and the efficient operation of school divisions. Developing projections that are uniform across divisions and making them freely available regardless of divisional funds is critical for planning in Virginia’s public schools.

The first set of state-wide school enrollment projections will be available on our website in December 2023 and will be produced on a biennial basis.

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Customized demographic studies

Comprehensive, customized studies incorporating local population dynamics, housing trends, and other data are also available. Fees for such studies vary, depending on the scale and complexity of the project. Please contact Hamilton Lombard: hamilton.lombard@virginia.edu