We have provided answers to some frequently asked questions regarding school enrollment projections, but if you have additional questions or if you would like us to produce school enrollment projections for your school division, please contact Hamilton Lombard.

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Who needs school enrollment projections?

  • Superintendents of Schools
  • School Board members
  • County Boards of Supervisors/City and Town Councils
  • School Principals
  • School operations/facilities planners
  • Locality budget/fiscal officers

How often should school enrollment projections be done?

Ideally, projections should be done annually. A current set of projections is advised as the foundation for any multi-year plan for public schools.

Can’t I just count forward from kindergarten to develop our own projections?

Several factors are at play in each year’s school enrollment including: 1) births, 2) migration in and out of the locality, 3) transfers between public and private schools or public and home schooling, and 4) dropouts. Assuming a progression from kindergarten forward neglects significant aspects of the community’s demographic and socioeconomic profile with an impact on school enrollments.

In addition, state birth data may inaccurately assign births to, or away from, a locality. Cooper Center projections geocode all birth data to obtain more accurate assignment of births.