In the Media

Editorial: Our new demographic realities
The Roanoke Times
“We used to think of Virginia as a fast-growing state. That was true once. Now it’s not. The Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at the University of Virginia — which, among other things, studies population trends — has just released its latest estimates.” – 02/15/17

Population growth in Albemarle, Charlottesville outpaces state rate
Charlottesville Tomorrow
“Lombard said declines in many areas are not necessarily because new people are not moving in. ‘Births aren’t rising anymore and deaths are,’ he said. ‘That’s really slowing growth down across the board.’” – 01/30/17

UVA’s Demographics Research Group tracks out-migration
National Public Radio
“’Virginia grew by a little over 44,000, which is the smallest gain since the 1970’s,” said Hamilton Lombard, co-author of the report.'” – 01/26/17

Sun Belt population surge to continue for years to come
The Seattle Times
“Qian Cai, director of the Demographics Research Group, said that in addition to more people moving to Florida, Texas and other expanding states, the states benefit from lower death rates and higher birthrates because of the influx of young people.” – 12/31/16

More moving vans coming in than going out of Richmond
“‘I think a simple explanation of why Richmond is growing is that developers have created many more housing units in the city in recent years, and more people have wanted to live in the city than in recent decades,’ Lombard told us.” – 09/26/16

New York City’s Sustainable Dream
Huffington Post
“In an excellent report on New York City’s population dynamics, Luke Juday of the University of Virginia’s Demographics Research Group asks and answers the question: ‘How is New York City growing if it is constantly losing people?’” – 09/19/16